It is my immense pleasure to share the Islamic Relief, Bangladesh Annual Report 2012 that provides you a detailed overview of our activities and the results achieved in 2012. We were privileged to have partnership with the Government of Bangladesh, donors and other partners. This report highlights IR,B’s work started from grassroot activities to policy support at national level.
We have had great cooperation from the Government over the last year,at central, regional and local levels in the form of dialogue over policy development and its effective implementation and also in strengthening government institutions/departments. Such types of practical and impact- ful cooperation validate our presence and allow for real civil society development around poverty reduction.Through our concerted and comprehensive efforts, targeted programme
participants have increased their income by more than four times than at the baseline level. IR,B sponsored orphan students has exceeded the national average of passing rate in different public examinations of Bangladesh in 2012. Through our Eye Sight Rehabilitation Programme, a total of3,650 poor and ultra poor people have got their eyesight back and have
received eye care treatment. Approximately 12,800 people have been benefited during the reporting period through building 2,559 disaster resilient family shelters. Furthermore, in 2012, IR,B’s work on Urban Risk Reduction in Sylhet is recognized at the Guangzhou International Urban Innovation Awards in China. Sylhet was the only city in South Asia short listed for the award. Islamic Relief builds partnerships with national and local government and invests in their capacity development through training programmes; sharing experience and research findings. Through these connections, IR,B
invests in advocacy and leadership development amongst the most vulnerable communities so that their priorities and concerns are included in the national and local level planning process.
The advancements detailed in this report are driven by the great commitment of our staff to fulfilling the Islamic Relief mission and vision. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved for their support and joining us on our mission to bring about a positive change in people’s lives.
With your continued engagement, we aim to carry this momentum through equally ambitious endeavors in the coming years. We will continue to commit ourselves to serving the needy in the best possible way and pray that Allah (SWT) makes it easy for us.
Shabel Firuz
Country Director
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