The 21 months project has been implemented in Keraniganj upazila under Dhaka District aimed to reduce hazardous child labour in Suvaddya union of Keraniganj upazila, through creating alternative livelihood options, access to formal and non formal education, vocational training and raising awareness among the community, local government institution (LGI) and employers so that these children do not go back to their previous condition. The primary target is 185 working children, who are engaged in hazardous labour and the families of working children.

Gender specific vulnerabilities are taken into consideration through the minimum package of services. The project formed Community Based Organizations and strengthened networking with government, service providers and NGOs. In addition, the project emphasized on promoting and mainstreaming gender equality, child protection and disaster coping mechanisms. The project is working to implement National Plan of Action for elimination of child labour 2012 with collaboration of National Task Force and the line ministry. At the same time the project emphasizes to establish liaison and network with the service providers.