The food security project named, Health Education and Livelihood Support Programme for Ultra-Poor Households (HELP Ultra Poor) was implemented by the International NGO, Islamic Relief Worldwide (IRW). The project was co-funded by EU (80%) and IR-W(20%) respectively with total budgeted amount of EURO 3,912,769 only. The project started in January 2009 and ended in September 2012 with a nine months time extension from its original closing date of 31 December 2011.The HELP Ultra Poor project had 10,000 beneficiaries most of whom were ultra poor rural female headed households in three project upazilas namely,Taraganj, Kaunia and Gangachara of Rangpur district. Some male headed households were also considered as agreed upon by the EU on the ground that not enough female headed households were available in the defined project locations to fulfill other required criteria for selection as the project beneficiary.

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