Fatema Begum (60) never thought that her eyesight would return. She had no source of income and was struggling to survive. Therefore, it was, to some extent, a dream for her to think about getting her sight back when she belonged to a poverty stricken family in Rangpur. Failing to meet basic family needs, it was beyond her reach to pay for a medical checkup of her eyes.
Fatema came to know about Islamic Relief, Bangladesh that was implementing a project titled “Eye Sight Rehabilitation Project” (ESRP) in Rangpur. After contacting with local staff of IR,B she could access medical care for her eyes and was diagnosed with mature cataract in both eyes. Afterwards, she had been referred to DECF, a local eye care hospital in Rangpur, for a surgical operation. The cost of surgical operation was borne by Islamic Relief, Bangladesh. After the surgical operation, Fatema got her eyesight back and was very happy that she can see everything. She thanked Islamic Relief as the organization provided with full cooperation and financial support to get her sight back.