Feroza Begum , 55 years, Taraganj,Rangpur

Feroza-Begum18/19 years ago she lost her husband. She can’t remember the age of her marriage. After getting married she came from Mymensingh to Rangpur. She falls in real trouble with two daughters. Then she started to work in people’s house for living and lived on whatever she received from them. Sometimes it was some hand full of rice or beans and in other days there was nothing. Her daughter became grown-up and she arranged her wedding. One day an accident occurred and she has broken her hand. She has no ability to work, that’s why she started begging.

She has no other option for a better earning. With the money from begging and from the people’s help she arranged 2nd daughter’s wedding. After this event, she became member of Bahadur Para Shamity of Islamic relief and received 500 tk monthly for 18 months from there. With the money of the first 3 months’ without spending it, she bought a goat for 1500 tk. From that mother goat she got 2 kids, sold those two for 2000 tk and from that 4000 tk profit she repaired her home. It was a thatched shade before. she started with the goat from first 3 months’ credit and from that moved to hen and duck. She also followed the learning from IRB training on chicken and duck and now she has 30 hens and 5 ducks.

Now she can eat meat and also sell eggs. She also received a cow worth tk 10750 from IR for fattening. With the learning from training she took care of that cow and sold that for 24000 tk. That was a good profit. From the profit of goat, hen and cow I bought another cow for 7750 tk. She attended the shamity meetings and came to know about the livestock and poultry diseases, taking care of them, know about cleanliness. Now she always wash her hands with soap before cooking and eating, wash hands with soap or ashes after coming from latrine, wear sandal in latrines which she didn’t do before. Now she has a good latrine.

She has plan to buy a land for growing crops, to have more ten cows to be well enough.

I don’t want to beg again; don’t want to seek for help to people anymore. My children are happy. My son-in -laws are happy. I share food and money with them. I can live without the help from Islamic Relief now. My goat, hen and cows will earn me money. I won’t be empty handed anymore. Even people have learnt from me. Here people had no idea about any containers to feed for cows and goat. I also hadn’t and came to know from your training. They also now have food storage for their livestock like me. Now people ask for my suggestions for taking care of their livestock. Many started poultry and livestock business after me. Now I’m happy. Very happy. I cry always memorizing my past. I had only one piece of cloth before and now I have clothes to wear You saved me. I pray to Allah for your good.