Project Duration :15-July-2012 to 14-July -2015

Project Location: Cox’s Bazar, Rajbari, Rangpur, Thakurgaon, Khulna, Sunamganj and Patuakhali

Project Description :Under Child Welfare Programme, Islamic Relief Bangladesh is sponsoring 3700 orphans countrywide through its One to One sponsorship program. Children receiving cash money on quarterly basis which helping them in availing better fooding, regular education, clothing and bearing daily expenditure. But they are from such a level of the society where they have no sufficient access to different types of services like health, hygiene, and cultural activities etc. which are also very necessary for proper development of children. In the view of availing the mentioned needs, IRB launched and implementing this project by taking a minimum portion of sponsorship money from the orphan. It is a comprehensive project, integrating four components namely Community Based Orphan Redevelopment (CBOR), Community Based Integrated Orphan and Widow Livelihood (CBIOWL), Child Scouting and Cultural forum (CSCF) and Adolescent Reproductive Health Care (ARHC). All the components are implementing in all the areas at the same time. Orphans in a specific area are charged for specific service they are receiving.

Overall aim and objective

Goal: To improve the status of lives of the orphans and their families towards sustainable livelihood.


  • Health status of orphans and their siblings and Reproductive Health (RH) status of the adolescent (from existing orphans) will be improved
  • Awareness level of the orphans and families and knowledge on RH of adolescent (from existing orphans) will be increased
  • Psychological development of the orphans will be augmented
  • Build self sustainability

Expected result

  • Improve access to health services for orphans.
  • Aware the orphans and families on Social issues, rights and ensure participation in  various events for psychological development
  • Create mechanism for self sustenance
  • Provide skills training and enhance entrepreneurship
  • Creation of employment and ensure self sustenance
  • Provide psychological development activities
  • Enhance participation in cultural events
  • To create opportunity and ensure voluntary participation in national and social activities
  • Provide Knowledge and awareness on Reproductive Health
  • Creating access to necessary Reproductive Health resources

Key activities of the project

  • Provide Health Check up facilities to the sponsored children.
  • Provide training to the widows or guardians on different trades as per the need of the community
  • After receiving training the beneficiaries are provided with loan in kind instead of cash
  • Arrange regular training on different Scouting program
  • Ensure supply of required equipment needed for Scouting
  • Organize training on disaster preparedness and fast aid management
  • To provide training to the Peer Educator (PE) from the adolescent group who will later    conduct the Reproductive Health (RH) related classes in the RCs to all adolescent in the targeted area

Target Beneficiaries Orphan one to one targeted beneficiaries

Donor Islamic Relief- United Kingdom