Shahnawaz Ali, head of climate change and disaster resilience at IRB, was in Geneva to collect the award, along with other NARRI member organisations, which include the Bangladesh branches of Oxfam, Action Aid, Concern Worldwide and Plan International.

K Delegation Called for Safe and Secured Working Environment

A sharing meeting took place between the visiting ‘All Party Parliamentary Group’, Fire Service and Civil Defense (FSCD), and Islamic Relief, Bangladesh (IR,B) at the FSCD Training Complex on Friday. A six member delegation from the UK attended the sharing session including Anne Main, Rushanara Ali, Nick de Bois, Simon Danczuk, Jonathan Reynolds and Shabana Mahmood. This year the delegation is visiting Bangladesh solely for the purpose of looking into garment factory conditions in terms of safe working environment as they plan to publish a report thereafter.

Given the recent fire incidents and risky working environment in the garment factories, the session was arranged to contribute more for the safety and security for the garment workers. Being the first responder organization, FSCD shared its experience of noteworthy incidents like Tazreen fire and Rana Plaza collapse. Brigadier General Ali Ahmed Khan, PSC, Director General of FSCD and other important officials of FSCD were present in the sharing meeting. Moreover, FSCD placed their future plan in the meeting stating way forward and areas for collaboration.

Emphasizing on the importance of capacity building of the garment workers on fire safety and security, Ms. Anne Main gave her speech at first on behalf of the UK delegation. She pointed out that usually the garment workers are not educated on preparedness, emergency and rescue operation. Therefore, it is really frightening for them to act properly in accident and disaster. In addition, she recalled her previous experience in Sylhet where she took part in similar kind of mock drill arranged by FSCD, Sylhet and Islamic Relief, Bangladesh. During that visit, Ms. Anne Main actively took part in the mock drill planned to demonstrate evacuation, search and rescue operation in case of earthquake and fire.

Followed by Ms. Anne Main’s speech, Ms. Rushanara Ali, the visiting British Bangladeshi parliamentarian informed the meeting members regarding their passion to do something helpful for Bangladesh. Mentioning the poor working condition of the garment sector, she called upon the international as well as the domestic business community to work more effectively to ensure safe working environment for the garment worker. She also reminded us the contribution of the garment worker in our national economy of which 80 percent are women. Ms. Ali congratulated the team members Islamic Relief for their work around the world. In this regard, she referred her visit of Africa where Islamic Relief was working in the drought prone areas of Northern Kenya.

All the parties of the sharing session drew attention on the well being of people especially of them who are not well acquainted with safety and security issues. As more disasters are taking place, the participants of the meeting urged to promote awareness and knowledge and build capacity of the people to ensure their own safety. In order to uphold the safety of the society, the requirement of community volunteers was also described. Though, FSCD is working with urban community volunteers, there is still a huge need of skilled urban community volunteers due to the rapid pace of urbanization.

Mr. Shabel Firuz, the Country Director of Islamic Relief, Bangladesh, concluded the session by thanking UK Government for being a friend to Bangladesh. The parliamentarian group observed an earthquake response drill following the sharing session.

IR Bangladesh jointly receives disaster risk reduction award in Geneva

24 May 2013
NARRI representatives collect the Sasakawa Award

Shahnawaz Ali, head of climate change and disaster resilience at IRB, was in Geneva to collect the award, along with other NARRI member organisations, which include the Bangladesh branches of Oxfam, Action Aid, Concern Worldwide and Plan International.This week the umbrella group NARRI- of which Islamic Relief is a founding member-received the Sasakawa Award for excellence in disaster risk reduction.

The National Alliance for Risk Reduction and Response Initiative (NARRI) is a collective of ten development organisations that promote disaster risk reduction. On May 22, NARRI came out successful, winning the 50,000 USD prize ahead of nominees from Sweden, Brazil and the Philippines.

Shahnawaz Ali, head of climate change and disaster resilience at IRB, was in Geneva to collect the award, along with other NARRI member organisations, which include the Bangladesh branches of Oxfam, Action Aid, Concern Worldwide and Plan International.

Ali explained, “We are discussing a wide range of topics, from the respective roles of women, science and the private sector in disaster protection to the particular challenges of protecting low-lying island countries and overcrowded coastal cities.

In a position paper submitted by the Bangladeshi delegation, we have called for a joined-up approach to ensure that disaster risk reduction projects are implemented hand in hand with efforts to lift people out of poverty and adapt agriculture to climate change.”

NARRI runs projects in Bangladesh to prepare residents for disasters by providing emergency response training, running drills and building links between communities and emergency services.

Islamic Relief Bangladesh Response to Search & Rescue Operation at Savar

Islamic Relief Bangladesh responded for victims of Savar and extended its support to the coordinated search & rescue operation at Savar, Rana Plaza, site of the collapsed building. IRB emergency response team members coordinated with the Fire Service and Civil Defense (FSCD) representatives for the emergency requirements to strengthen their Search & Rescue operation. Based on their feedback and urgency IRB purchased some of the materials as well as equipments which were requested on urgent basis.

IRB response team visited the spot at 2nd day (1st day was totally closed by the law enforcement authority) to observe the situation closely and decided this situation as emergency. Next three days IRB continued the support and regularly communicated with FSCD.

For search & rescue operation IRB supported the FSCD with a series of equipments as follows;


Delivered Items


Hand Gloves 200 pairs
D-welding  rotary rescue saw blade, metal cutter 2 packets
Safety Goggles 200 pcs
Dust Masks 500 pcs
Medical Masks 200 pcs
Latex Gloves 10 pairs
10” Wrench 6 pcs
18” Pipe Wrench 6 pcs
Electric Pliers 15 pcs


Heavy Helmets 100 pcs


Rotary rescue saw diamond disc 10 pcs


Electric Rotary rescue saw machine 2 pcs


Chipping Hammer (6lbs) 10 pcs


Hammer Bit (18mm) 30 pcs


Air Freshener 110 pcs


Electric Drill Machine 15 pcs


Light helmet 150


Torch light 35


Sun light Battery 105


Hydraulic Jack (32 ton) 3
21. Dust Mask 150
22. Hacksaw  blade 50
23. Hacksaw blade frame 30
24. Manila rope, 2” dia, 140’ long 10
25. Manila rope, 2”dia, 40’ long 10
26. Rotary Recue Saw (metal cutter) 14

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Prime Minister Observed Mock Drill at FSCD Training Complex

The Fire Service & Civil Defence (FSCD) Directorate celebrated the FSCD Week on 18th – 24th November at the FSCD training complex, Mirpur, Dhaka. Honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina inaugurated the event as she observed a mock simulation drill arranged by the FSCD troupes and the urban community volunteers.

As part of the mock drill, seven infrastructural props were constructed on the venue which were destroyed during the simulation to demonstrate the impact of an earthquake to the audience as the FSCD fire fighters with their trained urban community volunteers performed search and rescue operation, emergency camp management and first aid support for the affected people.

In her inaugural speech, the Prime Minister mentioned that 62,000 urban community volunteers are targeted to be trained up to face different types of disasters. Islamic Relief, Bangladesh is working closely with FSCD for training up such volunteers through technical assistance from FSCD.

Among other participants, Home Minister Dr. Mohiuddin Khan Alamgir, Post & Telecommunication Minister Advocate Shahara Khatun, State Minister for Home Affairs Advocate Shamsul Haq Tuku and other high officials from FSCD, Donor agencies and media were present on the occasion.

For the inauguration programme of the FSCD Week, photographs, large balloons, festoons, posters, billboards containing messages on disaster preparedness wre put on display for the audience at the  FSCD Training Complex which mentioned the contribution from European Commission Humanitarian Aid & Civil Protection (ECHO), NARRI Consortium & Islamic Relief, Bangladesh.


Finance Minister inaugurates Child Art Exhibition on DRR in Sylhet

Recently a Child Art Exhibition was inaugurated by the honorable Finance Minister Mr. Abul Maal Abdul Muhith on 30th November, at Shah Alam Gallery, Sylhet City Corporation. The theme of the month long art exhibition is disaster risk reduction considering the urban hazards of Sylhet city corporation area. The exhibition was organized by renowned art institution School of Art in coordination with NARRI Consortium partners Islamic Relief Bangladesh, Oxfam, VARD and Sylhet City Corporation. The event aims at raising mass awareness on preparedness against urban hazards and risk reduction measures at both family and school level. Another objective of the event is to involve the local art institution into the process of awareness building through a mainstreaming process which will eventually lead to child led community awareness. Around 130 drawings will be displayed during the exhibition. These drawings were selected from an art competition where 300 students participated in 3 age categories. The exhibition will be open for local community throughout the month of December.