From mid August to the first week of September, 2014, heavy rains in the main river basins and upstream catchments of India, along with continuous rainfall in the northwest and north-eastern parts of Bangladesh have triggered flooding in the low-lying, vulnerable and densely populated areas in 17 Districts out of 64. Due to these floods, the affected people had been suffering from food scarcity and problems with safe drinking water and sanitation. They had also lost income generation activities during flood. In post flood period, they will face severe vulnerability for restoring livelihood as the people mainly depend on agriculture. Humanitarian Programme of Islamic Relief Bangladesh had been observing the situation closely and found that food security was highly required for the affected people. Understanding the situation, IRB came to respond to the flood affected 6797 families in Sylhet, Jamalpur and Gaibandha Districts in two separate phases. In first phase, IRB has distributed food items among 2972 flood affected families in three districts during 1 September to 3 September. The food items were selected considering the situation of the affected families. As the affected families had no opportunity to cook food so it was planned to distribute a dry food package (flattened rice 4.5 kg, Molasses 1.5 kg, salt 1 kg, energy biscuit 3 packets, and ORS 5pcs) for three days and a general food package for four days (rice 10 kg, pulse 1 kg, vegetable oil 0.5 liter, and potato 4 kg). This phase of the project was funded by IR UK. In the second phase, IRB has distributed food item among 3825 affected families living in selected three Unions in Gaibandga and Jamalpur Districts. It was distributed in 12 and 13 September 2014. It was funded by START FUND/UK Aid.