With a view to tackle hunger and malnutrition amongst extremely poor families across Bangladesh, Islamic Relief has been implemented Qurbani programme in 31 poverty-stricken and disaster affected districts across Bangladesh. Among millions of thousands of vulnerable and ultra poor people, Hasina Begum, 39, is one of the Islamic Relief’s beneficiary’s hails from Paitka village of Dhanbari sub-district under Tangail district of central Bangladesh. Her husband Mohammad Ramzan Ali (45) has no particular occupation and sells labour and pulls rickshaw frequently. He is the only earning source of income in their five member family. Due to limited income and no savings, the households can’t able to get three regular meals a day. Her family is living in a thatched which is built on other’s land and have no cultivable land. Due to extreme poverty, they can’t afford a rich meal even on the Eid day.

“We are very poor and can’t manage meat or fish”-said Hasina Begum while cooking the meat which she got from Islamic Relief. “My children are very happy since they have a good and nutritious meal today”-she added. Likewise Hasina Begum, the IRB Qurbani programme benefited about 1, 80,000 people comprising 35820 households across Bangladesh in 2013.

Hasina Begum thanked Islamic Relief and its donors for contributing in the Qurbani programme. She said, “I am very grateful to Islamic Relief and to donors who helped vulnerable people like us without anything in return and I wish almighty Allah helps them a lot”.

Hasina Begum walks through to the meat distribution point Hasina is in the queue to receive Qurbani meat Hasina receives Qurbani meat Hasina on her way back to her house with the Qurbani meat Hasina cooks the Qurbani meat A happy family dinner of Hasina with the Qurbani meat