60 years old Toyen Uddin lives in Char Ratonpur at Gaibandha where he supports his family by working as a shopkeeper. Toyen-UddinNine years ago after a short illness Toyen was forced to have his left leg amputated. This has restricted his ability to work and prevented him growing crops, and during the rainy season it is very difficult for him to move around. In addition, many people in the community have shunned Toyen as many believe that disability is caused after the individual has done something bad.

Most of the time Toyen is house-bound and he has few people to help him move around. This experience has been isolating and made him afraid of what will happen if there is another disaster.

However, Toyen has strong desire to be involved in community activities and after engaging with Islamic Relief, Bangladesh, he volunteered to become a member of the newly formed Village Development Committee, advocating for the rights of people living with disabilities to ensure their needs were met during all the phases of disaster. Toyen now leads a group of other villages teaching them about disasters and how they can keep themselves and their family safe.

In addition, Toyen has been provided assistance to adapt his home and sanitation facilities so that they are suitable for his needs and has been provided new equipment by Islamic Relief, Bangladesh to help him with his mobility so that he can attend other disaster risk reduction meetings further away, allowing him to be an active voice for people living with disabilities in the char.