I have been able to eat a good meal

Jahanara Begum, 47, lives in Chandpur, in east Bangladesh. She has mobility problems but still manages to work as a seasonal labourer, picking peppers for 20 Bangladeshi Taka (less than 1p) a day.
Her husband now lives with his second wife and so Jahanara needs her wages to feed the four children who still live with her. She has only been able to find seasonal work though, and it is not enough to buy more than the simplest meals year round. Her family rarely eats three


I plan to build a cow farm

Mother-of-two Reba Begum, 37, lives in Rangpur, one of the poorest districts of Bangladesh. One year ago, her family could not afford three-meals a day.

But now, with our support, Reba has increased their income and has big plans for the future.

Before, the family struggled to make ends meet from the little money that her husband, Mohammed Dula, made as a daily labourer. But then Reba joined our project to enable poor families to build secure livelihoods. As a member of a women’s association, set up