Child Welfare Program is one of the core programs of Islamic Relief, Bangladesh. Under this program Islamic Relief Bangladesh is sponsoring about 3700 children countrywide through its One-to-One Sponsorship Program. Integrated Development Approach for Sponsored Orphans (IDASO) is a major component of the One to One Sponsorship program. The program was undertaken with an aim to develop orphans living with their mothers. IDASO has four major components which are Life Skills Education (LSE), Enhanced Health Care (EHC), Scouting and Cultural Forum (SCF) and Support for Small Enterprise (SSE).

More over, a new dynamic intervention titled ‘Alternative Orphan Sponsorship through Sustainable Livelihoods (ALO)’ has taken place at the end of 2014 in a vulnerable poverty prone area of Bangladesh. A total of 700 orphan children & their families will be covered by the programme.

Strategic Vision of the program

Protecting living status of the vulnerable children and their families towards sustainable development

Strategic Aim

  1. Ensured protective environment to children for protection and healthy development.
  2. Increased coverage of orphans and vulnerable children through Sponsorship programme and community based integrated support for sustainable development
  3. Vulnerable families in the sponsorship areas are provided with sustainability focused livelihood support and necessary health care and skills.